A Perfect Day for Kangaroos

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"A related phenomenon is the ongoing transformation, courtesy of Facebook, of the verb ‘to like’ from a state of mind to an action that you perform with your computer mouse: from a feeling to an assertion of consumer choice. And liking, in general, is commercial culture’s substitution for loving."

- Jonathan Franzen: Farther Away

Because I’m a geek at heart, visiting the Austrian National Library was one of the highlights of the summer 2014 for me.

European Cities and Car Reduction Plans | Sustainable Cities Collective

Very much in favour of this although it should be noted that the Helsinki city centre is quite small and densely populated, relatively few residents even own a car because the distances are not great. However, if this plan is extended to the neighbouring cities of Espoo and Vantaa the benefits will be more noticiable.

In Riga, the KGB set up its head office in a building dubbed by the Latvians as “Stūra māja” - the Corner House. For decades, the KGB imprisoned, tortured, killed and morally suffocated its so-called opponents and adversaries in these premises.The building now hosts six exhibitions exploring the relationship between people and authority.

Women being masturbated at in public isn't as rare as you might think

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein - BBC Radio 6 Music

Today, BBC Radio 6 Music.


Kate Tempest - ‘The Beigeness’

The are some great textures in amongst the music of ‘The Beigeness’ -crunchy bass, subdued sirens - but, really, it’s all about the lyrics with Kate Tempest (unsurprisingly given her esteemed poetry and theatre background). “Life is huge, but we have shrunk it”; “Everybody say nothing, stay bland”; “We’re kissing the coshes that cripple us / Enjoying the beigeness” - her glare on society is razor-sharp and unrelenting.